Welcome and thanks for stopping by! I’m Debbie and this my modest attempt at creating and maintaining a book blog. I began this wonderful (and scary) venture in November 2016. I can’t believe it’s been over a year! Since the fourth grade my love of books and reading has only increased (I have a problem and it’s bad). I have been a bookworm for most of my life โ€“ thanks to a persistent teacher, Mrs. Giraldi, and Reading Rainbow. Nothing brings me more joy than curling up with a new book (if vino is included then I’m truly in heaven). I believe every book brings its own story, voice, and perspective. I often find myself missing or thinking of characters from books I have read (told you it was bad). I suffer from book withdrawals (book hangovers), and from the one-more-chapter syndrome. If you are a reader, I’m sure you understand and have experienced these situations yourself. Subsequently, I cannot for the life of me stop buying books!

Throughout the years, I have read some spectacular books and often find myself compelled to recommend them to family, friends, animals, or random people — especially at the bookstore. Through this blog, I hope to meet other book lovers and share our love of reading with one another. I hope you visit often! Also, don’t be shy and post your thoughts and comments. ๐Ÿ™‚

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