Little Free Library

Little Free Library

Since I was in elementary school, books and libraries hold a special place in my heart. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing people reading – especially kids. Growing up, my family did not have a lot of money and being a voracious reader made books inaccessible at times. Do not get me wrong, the library at my school and neighborhood had sufficient books, but sometimes they just didn’t have the books I wanted to read. I remember when I was in fifth grade and the RIF (Reading is Fundamental) organization came to our school. One of the BEST days ever! I honestly almost lost my mind. The tables in the multipurpose room were filled with numerous newly released books I wanted badly to read. I had such a hard time deciding which book I was going to take home. I noticed some of the boys in my class were not interested in picking a book. So…I offered them a deal they could not refuse. I would give each of them my lunch milk for a week at a time, if they picked the books I wanted. It worked! I didn’t like milk, so I benefited handsomely. That afternoon I went home with three extra books (I wasn’t able to convince all of them). On that memorable day, a passion for owning books was ignited in me. Today, I would like to extend my love of reading and books to my beautiful neighborhood, by paying it forward and introducing a Little Free Library. With this Little Free Library, I hope to inspire and ignite a love of reading to children as well as adults.

Funds for the Little Free Library

In order to raise funds for the Little Free Library (LFL) I decided to ask for donations. Because NEWS FLASH, little “free” libraries are not free or cheap – they are actually quite expensive! I created a GoFund Me account asking for donations. I posted it on my Facebook page and sent it to everybody. Incredibly, I was able to raise $595 (my goal was $500) within a few days. Most donations were given by friends, family and even a generous anonymous donor – whoever you are God bless you! The cost of the LFL was $275, plus $89 for shipping (crazy right?!!). The LFL will need to be assembled, wood treated, painted, and the post and base is not included and will need to be purchased. Still, I’m beyond grateful and super excited for the library to get here. I already know where it will be placed and I’m gathering all kinds of books for it. Some neighbors and friends are donating books, which fills my heart with glee. Stay tuned…

Little Free Library Update #1

The Little Free Library (LFL) is being built and should be ready to ship in about 3-6 weeks. I’m so excited and cannot wait! Also, some of my friends, colleagues, and neighbors have reached out to me and would like to donate books. I am beginning a stockpile of books for all tastes and ages. Below are pictures of the LFL ordered. Stay tuned for additional updates.





It’s here!!!

I ordered the Little Free Library last week. Being the impatient creature I am, I contacted the company to get a better idea of how long it would really take for the library to arrive. The lady kindly let me know it would take 3-6 weeks – just as the website states (waah waah). So…imagine my surprise when I get home and find the most beautiful package waiting for me — and no, it wasn’t a case of wine. I felt like a little kid at Chuck E. Cheese! Of course, I had to immediately open the box (with lots of help)! As soon as the tape and Styrofoam was removed, I could smell the scent of pine (the libraries are built by Amish carpenters in Wisconsin). The library is much bigger than I thought, and it is absolutely more beautiful than I imagined. As you can see by the pictures, I am a super excited and happy! In the next few weeks the library will be treated, the post and stand will be purchased, and the colors for the exterior of the library will be chosen. Being a proud Dominican-American, I am leaning towards Caribbean colors. Meanwhile, I will continue to buy and gather books for all ages and tastes. Stay tuned for more updates!

Little Free Library Update #2

I’m currently in the process of getting the Little Free Library painted and installed. It took me some time to pick out the colors – it was so hard!! If all goes as planned, I am hoping to have it set-up in our front yard in the next few weeks. Some of you have asked if you can donate books and the answer is, YES!! I will be filling the free library with books for all ages. If you would like to donate, send me an email to coordinate a pick up or drop off. Little Free Libraries bring communities together, just like libraries have done all over the world for so many generations. Thanks in advance for your donations!

Getting the Little Free Library Ready!

This past weekend we finally painted the Little Free Library – yay!! It was nice seeing the colors come to life. I LOVE it! My husband worked on the post and base as well – it’s definitely a group effort! Several neighbors asked what we were putting up, when I told them it was a little library, their response was positive. We are hoping to have up and running the weekend of March 4th. I will invite our neighbors, donors, family and friends. Meanwhile, I will continue organizing the nice stockpile I have gathered. 🙂


Opening of Little Free Library

After months of planning, we finally opened the Little Free Library this Saturday. It was a bit windy, but a few (brave) neighbors showed up – some even brought books. I have wanted a little library for a long time and I am beyond happy and grateful to finally host one. I am also thankful for everyone’s enthusiasm, support and donations. I could not have done it as quickly as I did without everyone’s generosity. I especially want to thank my husband and the rest of my amazing, wonderful family for their patience and support (you guys rock!). I am proud to finally be a little library steward and hope to inspire our community to read more. We are officially on the world map of Little Free Libraries! If you would like more information on Little Free Libraries, click here. If you would like to donate books, please contact me.

Little Free Library Update – Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air! The LFL has been up and running for about a month now. I have not had the traffic I imagined (yet), but I am getting visitors. Incredibly quite a few book fairies have dropped off books, which is awesome. I reached out to our neighborhood and elementary school letting them know about the little library, so it’s just a matter of time. Also, since the opening “we” (the hubby) have added motion lights so people can pick books at night – yup we’re fancy like that! We are also now listed in the Little Free Library world map. I am hoping as the weather warms up the traffic will increase. I have a nice stockpile of books waiting patiently to be placed in the little library. The first thing I do when I get home is check to see if any books have been taken or added. The highlight of my day is when a book is gone and a comment has been added to the guest book. 🙂