Book Review: Firegirl

Book Review: FiregirlFiregirl
by Tony Abbott
on January 1st 1970
Pages: 147
Published by Little Brown and Company
Genres: Young Readers

"...there is..." Mrs. Tracy was saying quietly, "there is something we need to know about Jessica..."

From this moment on, life is never quite the same for Tom and his seventh-grade classmates. They learn that Jessica has been in a fire and was badly burned, and will be attending St. Catherine's while getting medical treatments. Despite her horrifying appearance and the fear she evokes in him and most of the class, Tom slowly develops a tentative friendship with Jessica that changes his life.

My Takeaway 

My family and I listened to Abbott’sFiregirl as an audiobook. It is about a girl named Jessica who is badly burned in an accident. Jessica transfers to a new school to receive treatments from the local hospital. The story is narrated by Tom, Jessica’s classmate. At first all of the seventh graders are shocked and afraid of Jessica, because of the way she looks. However, as Tom gets to know Jessica, he begins to see her for who she is – not how she looks. This is a compelling story meant for young readers, but as an adult I thoroughly enjoyed it. The book is short, but filled with important lessons. My husband and 12-year-old daughter also enjoyed this powerful and touching story. If you’re a fan of Wonder by R.J. Palacio, you will appreciate this book as well.

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